Siebel CRM

Whatever your Siebel objectives, we can help you.
Thanks to our partnership with Oracle we can offer the full range of Siebel consultancy services, with a clear view on the statement of direction of Oracle.
This covers implementation, development, and support – including:

Siebel CRM implementation, design and development services


iRelate has been implementing Siebel projects for more than 15 years now. We have successfully implemented many Siebel projects in various industries.

Our consultants have implemented both smaller and larger scale projects, even going as far as executing global rollouts for each customer branch. iRelate has been involved in many integration projects both on premise and cloud.

Siebel Open UI services

We keep our consultants up to date with the very latest technology. With the first release of the Siebel Open UI architecture, they have been trained in newly relevant technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and Javascript.
This allows our customers to use (and expand upon) all modern capabilities of Siebel Open UI.

Siebel upgrade review

iRelate is specialized in upgrading Siebel environments. We have our own upgrading manuals and trained experts.

Usually we follow a 2-step approach:

  1. First we do a rigorous in-depth assessment
  2. Afterwards we provide a detailed and exact approach, including a timeframe in which we can execute this upgrade.

Siebel application audit

To define the right approach in projects, and to ensure your environment is future proof, iRelate can provide an audit of your Siebel application. This can include an audit of the company’s licenses or an audit of the optimal implementation.

Siebel support

For all of our customers we can provide a wide range of support models. These support contracts can include on- or off-site support, managed service contracts, or 24/7 contracts. They can be ticket- or time based, depending on the customers’ needs.