Oracle Sales Cloud

Smart-Start Approach



With our help, you can be up and running on Sales Cloud in a couple of weeks, by leveraging our

 Sales Cloud Smart Start Packages. These packages contain the key lead management,

lead-to-opportunity and opportunity management business processes, customized to your

business. Additionally, we’ll set up the Outlook interface as well as the mobile

app, so you can access your sales data from your favorite email program or on the move!

We are also able to support you with larger scale implementations, leveraging the deep capabilities

of the territory management, quota management and sales predictor modules. And if your business

utilizes highly-custom flows, we can configure Sales Cloud to support those too.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Oracle Sales Cloud, or how we can help you with it,

please contact us at

Functionalities & Advantages

Engage customers earlier and close deals more often with Sales Cloud. Equip your team with the proper processes, tools, resources, and intelligence to increase revenues.


– Mobile sales force automation

– Sales performance management

– Forecasting and sales analytics

– Customer data management

– Integration and extensibility


1. Easy to use – anytime, anywhere

2. Easy and intuitive smartphone apps

3. Collaborate to Optimize Performance

4. Integrated communication, sharing, team selling and coaching Sales Intelligence

where and when you need it, with prebuilt reports and accurate customer data

configure, customize, and integrate

5. Tailor the user experience and enrich the CX cloud