Our people are highly skilled to fulfill complex configurations and developments. Through our developments we use our unique iRelate approach based on Prince II, using sprints and small releases.

Business Consultancy

Our business consultants are happy to share their vision on the market and business development specific to your industry. We can provide you with the experts who think alike and can help you solve your business challenges.

The success formula for our consultants lies within the fact that iRelate works together with you:

  • Deliver a sharp analysis to make the correct and informed business decision.
  • Bringing not only CX & CRM business expertise to the table but also the pragmatism to get that tangible result.
  • Get your focus where it should be: your customers.
  • Realizing change.

and so much more.

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Throughout 2 decennia of sales, marketing & services projects, iRelate has gathered significant experience in different kind of integrations.


Support in its broadest aspect is what iRelate can offer your company. We have proven at numerous customers to be efficient in our support and maintenance services.

Based on your requirements there are different types of support-services we offer:

  • Planned
  • On call
  • Support contract

Our professionals take care of your every need or problem as if they were your own employees, transparent to the outside world and still efficient.

In summary: Outsourced IT support can be flexible, which means that your company might never have to worry about supporting full time salaries or about finding the IT staff you need when you experience growth.

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Project Management

Staying ahead of the competition and delivering on time within budget and above expectations, that’s what it is all about. In order to do so, you need to carefully manage all aspects of change invoked by implementing a new or revised business mission.

iRelate is the first choice of companies, large and small, when they need to deliver.

iRelate project managers are experienced practitioners, with proven track records managing projects of all sizes. Setting up Project Offices and applying our proven methodology specific to yourindustry (based on a mixture of Prince2, CRM best practices and Oracle expertise).

Our project Management consultants can be engaged individually or as a team to help you achieve the following tasks:

  • Communication Management
  • Creating and Improving Processes and Procedures
  • Facilitation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Project Planning and Administration
  • Putting your focus on your customers



Advanced training.

The Communication and training track of your project.

How many projects have had a very successful build and test phase, but completely failed to get the buy in of key- and end users because the training track was neglected?

Having the correct training strategy and approach is utterly important for any business. Giving the right degree of attention to your employee training will encourage:

  • The user encompassing the solution, performing not only by skill and knowledge but also by motivation.
  • Encouraging the employees to take responsibility in your process- and data management.
  • Stimulate cooperation instead of execution
  • generally motivating and retaining your best of the best
  • Overall improving results

Because this is so important, building to the result in your project is important as well. Training an employee is not just quickly developing a PowerPoint presentation explaining how an application works.

iRelate can help you with advise, building the materials, providing the trainers and even host training events on its premises where it is desirable to have off site training.

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