Siebel CRM Roadshow ’17

Siebel CRM Roadshow ’17

Los Angeles, Sydney, Hong Kong, and… Mechelen. The name of the city might not be very illustrious, but today it was home to an event that is: the Siebel CRM Roadshow 2017. Located at a former brewery, the only thing that was brewing today was the atmosphere.


After a short caffeine infusion, John Bedford (Director Product Strategy, Oracle) kicked off the presentations by telling us a bit more about Oracle’s strategy and vision for the future. One sentence really resonated with me: endurance with agility.

This was a recurring theme today, and it really showed how Siebel can be (and for many customers, already is) the key to dealing with many of the disruptive shifts in the IT landscape.

While John’s presentation was very interesting, it was a bit high level. The Siebel geeks wanted juicy details, and boy did they get it from the next speaker. Duncan Ford, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Oracle, showed us some new and improved Siebel features available in IP17. Some of these were useful for developers (Siebel composer improvements, automated testing integration), others were highly sought-after usability changes (list applet navigation changes, zero-downtime deployments). ETA? Q2 2017.

The lovely lunch allowed our heartbeats to slow down a bit, but not for long. Greg O’Neill, Siebel consultant at eni gas & power nv/sa, explained how he built an amazing mobile app for their door-to-door sales agents. It transformed the vanilla task based ui views from Siebel and made it look like a native Android app.

I was struck by his passion for Siebel, and the demo convinced us that yes, it did actually work!

Some of the lessons learned in Greg’s presentation were repeated in Lonneke Spinhof’s “Re-inventing User Experience”. If only they had connected a couple years earlier! Lonneke (Senior User Experience Expert, iRelate) told us about some great UX principles, and gave us a sneak peek of her work at Mazda.

We finished up the presentations with another great example of endurance with agility. Simon Roggeman told us a bit about how he uses his expertise as an Integration Architect at iRelate, to augment the Siebel CRM experience with cloud solutions. If Siebel CRM isn’t enough for you, you can easily integrate it with popular products like Eloqua.


Great venue, high attendance, and passionate speakers. I’d call that a success. And the feedback from the attendees suggests they feel the same.

See you next year,

Jarl Van der Borght