Siebel roadmap & advanced Open UI ideas to trigger thoughts

Siebel roadmap & advanced Open UI ideas to trigger thoughts

Siebel roadmap & advanced Open UI ideas to trigger thoughts

3rd of December – a memorable day. For those who are working for a while in CRM space definitely know Siebel Systems. Siebel as leading CRM solution. Tom Siebel had a clear vision. Breathing Customer Relationship Management, throughout the organization. These days everybody is talking about ‘innovation’ but Siebel has been doing this even in 2001. If you talk about a pioneer!

Yesterday, it became clear that these days are back. With a great vision on User Experience, giving business the flexibility they need, open standards,.. In short: Innovation technology you need to innovate the way you do business tomorrow.

Duncan Ford took us on the OpenUI journey, giving insights in possibilities, technical details,… but also in the roadmap of Siebel CRM. Future looks bright!

Siebel CRM as a central space for your Customer Experience, combined with Oracle’s new CX portfolio – presented by Frank Van Puymbroeck. Oracle’s Customer 2 Cloud program allows customers to start with all these cloud solutions leveraging the investments you have made already.
Innovate and save money. A great message.

Positive feedback from the attendees. Customer who have made investments in Siebel CRM learned how they can get even more out of it. Looking forward in the bright future, giving options and possibilities. Besides these insights, there was the opportunity to meet with peers, share experience,…

The event was organized by iRelate. iRelate is a system integrator & partner for Siebel CRM & Oracle CX (Marketing Automation, Sales & Service).

Looking forward to our CX event 10th of December where we will dive into the magical world of Oracle CX. Having customers present their case. Not yet enrolled? Don’t wait.